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LEM provides the highest quality environmental services which exceed all cost efficiency models.

Licensed Site Professionals
LSP are authorized by the Commonwealth to oversee the assessment and cleanup of contamination that has been released into the environment on the behalf of property owners and managers.
Soil Remediation
Comprehensive testing and remediation for new construction, existing sites and all other projects (such as emergency spills) that require removal and disposal of impacted soil.
Material Transport & Disposal
Company-owned equipment, in conjunction with the most cost-efficient subcontractors, allows LEM to offer all types of material transportation and disposal at industry low prices.
Brownfield Redevelopment
LEM has successfully redeveloped several brownfield sites.  Property rehabilitation is our passion and a community service that is not only welcomed, but sought out.
Site Excavation & Development
LEM's in-house resources of equipment and experienced manpower provide competitive and cost saving solutions to any new construction or redevelopment project.
Low Cost Material Provider
LEM has provided prestigious developers, such as Pulte Homes, Rhodes Construction and Toll Brothers, more than 500,000 tons of soil and fill material at little or no cost.

Our Dedication

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Experienced, dedicated professionals to whom every client is special

Kevin Francis Gervais founded LEM on the principle that nothing should be wasted. Eliminating unnecessary expenditures from LEM's operations and creating cost efficiencies allows it to compete as the lowest cost provider of high-quality environmental services, regardless of the size of the project.

Kevin Francis Gervais

Owner & President
Experienced in Environmental Compliance, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, Site Compliance, Purchasing and Distribution. Prior to working for LEM, Gary owned his own consulting business and held management positions in purchasing and distribution for several large companies.

Gary W. Salter

Director of Operations
Pradeep’s qualifications as a BS and MBA Marketing has helped him to manage LEM's clients. He works with LEM clients LSP’s in reviewing the sampling data and other technical aspects for approving their projects for our sites. His accounting experience for 15 years looks after the day to day finance of LEM acting as a controller for the company.

Pradeep K. Singh

director of Finance


Multiple MassDEP-approved & monitored soil reuse facilities

Facility Acceptance Criteria

Click on the soil re-use location (below) nearest your project to review or download facility acceptance criteria.



The Massachusetts legislature has mandated that the MassDEP establish regulations, guidelines and standards or for determining the suitability of soil used as fill material.  The policy institutionalizes a site-specific review and approval process to expand opportunities for the re-use of excess soil excavated from development sites.  By providing a mechanism for safely managing soil, the policies increase in-state options for the re-use of soil excavated from new development projects.  Such soil often must be shipped out-of-state at substantial cost.  More importantly, in order for a property owner to be legally indemnified, reclamation soil must be shipped to a MassDEP approved facility that maintains a fully compliant ACO certification.  LEM's Rutland facility was the first in the state to secure the ACO status under the MassDEP Soil Re-use and Similar Soils policies.  Certified locations can be found on the www.mass.gov website at this link:  "Reclamation Soils" Policy and Facilities.
First on the MassDEP's listing is Jordan Overlook Farm, our Rutland location.  The Rutland facility has serviced an ever growing number of high profile clients, since its inception in 2013, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Water Resource Authority, Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the University of Massachusetts (Amherst, Lowell, and Boston), along with hundreds of other private and municipal organizations.  Besides its use for LEM's clients, environmental experts and construction companies throughout New England utilize our facilities.  This is due to their adherence to the highest operating standards in addition to MassDEP oversight.  This group includes nearly all of the regions most prestigious and recognizable engineering firms such as Haley & Aldrich, McPhail Associates, Weston & Sampson and construction companies such as A.A. Will Corp., J.F. White Contracting and W.L. French Excavating.  All are well respected firms and industry leaders in their own right.